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Seo services

We do not want your message to go largely unnoticed. It is now time to take advantages of all Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques. SEO plays a vital role in generating visibiltiy and achiveing success. It will help you news to reach your targeted audience quickly and it will let your word get out around the world. IBWire's SEO expert provides you the right solution to reach your audience as well as magniftying online exposure.


You need to reach global audience to tell your news to the world with the right language. IBWire delivers your news in your audience's native language. IBWire's professional translators provide the help you need to send your press release to global media, journalists, investors, and consumers.

Press release writing

Need assistance with writing a press release? IBWire's press release writing editors will work closely with you to produce a unique and newsworthy that will present your message in a professional and personalized manner to your targeted audience. All press releases are written with search engine optimization(SEO) features, which help you rank higher in search engine results. We know exactly what it takes-an eye-catching headline and the right balance between informational and sensational- to get a press release noticed by journalists and your potential consumers.

Press release editing

Although your press release may have a great topic, but one glaring grammatical error is a turn off to readers and reporters. Want a professional editor to proof read your press release before the distribution? IBWire's editorial revision service will check your draft thoroughly, ensuring that your press release is grammatically correct as well as checking that your news is meeting the standards to entice your target audience.

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