Australian Elmore Oil is Now in the Philippines

April 20, 2012 2:22 pm ET

Elmore Oil has Set Foot in the Philippines. Watsons are Stocking Elmore Oil Across the Island. The Oil is made of 7 Secrets of Different Oils which is Believed to be Therapeutic and Relieves Pain.

The Australian made pain-relief Elmore Oil expanded its market in the tropical island the Philippines. Although in existence, there are several oils and ointments available on the market today; Elmore Oil is willing to face the challenge.

Elmore Oil Company Pty Ltd., an Australian based company that manufactures and distributes products for muscle pain relief. Elmore Oil was developed by Ralph Linford in 1998 with the use of purely natural ingredients; specifically natural oil which undergoes maturation process to further strengthens the potency of the oil.  In 1994, Elmore Oil has been officially listed in Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

This year 2012 Elmore Oil enters the Philippine market bringing with them their “7 Secrets”.  The 7 Secret ingredients of Elmore oil include olive oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and vanilla among others but the real secret to this product is their blending process.  The blending process created by Ralph Linform himself with the philosophy of proper maturation of the secret ingredients using the process called Triple Maturation which soothes pain naturally.

The 7 Secrets of Elmore Oils is what makes them different from other liniments available in the Philippine market. The introduction of this oil is expected to be patronized since it’s the first of its kind.

Good news for the Filipino people experiencing muscle pains and muscle stress. This product is the best way to relieve it fast. For arthritis, back pains, neck pains and other joint pains, a little rub of Elmore Oil goes a long way. Rubbing the areas with Elmore Oil daily or twice daily is a great way to ease the pain away.

Elmore Oil is available in the Philippines in leading stores, and in all Watsons outlets nationwide. The 50 ml roll-on pack is only price at 295 Php.


Elmore Oil Company
JSC Pharmaceuticals
Suite 1206 Antel Corporate Global Centre
Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center 1605
Pasig City
Ph: +63 2 900 1610

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