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Ava Shirley – Insurance Services – State Business Network

Ava Shirley Recognized For Exceptional Achievements In The Insurance Industry

CONROE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 29, 2013 /State Business Network/ -- Ava Shirley has been selected to join the exclusive ranks of Texas State Business Network as a result of her exceptional performance in the field of insurance services. In her capacity as Owner and Operator at ARB Insurance Agency, as well as throughout her entire career, Ava has routinely exhibited the dedication, vision, and skills required to be considered among the best.

Established in 2012 by Ava Shirley, the ARB Insurance Agency offers comprehensive insurance services in and around Conroe, Texas. In 2013, Ava became a member of Agents Alliance Services, which expanded her market capabilities to give her customers the best companies at more profitable premiums. The firm focuses mainly on serving contractors in industrial and chemical industries as well as equipment rental companies, retail establishments, and restaurants. In addition, the ARB Insurance Agency provides insurance solutions for apartments, condos, and townhomes and coverage for work compensation and general liability.

A distinguished insurance expert with an impressive career in her field spanning nearly 40 years, Ava is extensively experienced in all tiers of the insurance industry, from insurance companies to brokering and retail agencies. She is a certified insurance counselor and MGA underwriter with a remarkable set of skills in reinsurance negotiation and commercial and personal lines. Over the course of her career, Ava has served successfully in a full set of roles with well established organizations such as the Commercial Global Insurance Agency, Essential Insurance Group, Lary Insurance Agency, and CRS Insurance Agency.

Despite acquiring a vast part of her expertise through professional experience, Ava Shirley also obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business from Edmondson Business College. In addition, she is a Certified Insurance Counselor and Accredited Customer Service Representative with the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas. Ava is currently working towards her CRM designation. Evidencing her dedication to her line of work, she holds several professional memberships with Conroe Chamber of Commerce, Texas City LeMarque Chamber, IIAH, and other groups and societies.

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