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Dr. Laura Bodini – Healthcare: Medical Services – Stanford Who’s Who Certified

Dr. Laura A. Bodini Earns Membership With Stanford Who’s Who

MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA,   January 25, 2013 /Stanford Who’s Who/ -- An accomplished clinical science specialist in the healthcare industry with over three decades of diverse professional experience, Dr. Laura A. Bodini has enjoyed an enormously successful career filled with several significant accomplishments, leading to her inclusion in the exclusive network of prominent professionals with Stanford Who’s Who.

Throughout her phenomenal professional career, Dr. Laura A. Bodini has consistently demonstrated the passion, vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be mentioned among the elite as well as to experience a tremendous amount of success in the social services arena.

Drawing upon her wealth of knowledge in the field, Dr. Bodini is a Clinical Science Specialist with Johnson & Johnson, for which she serves a medical liaison, working with private, public and government sector clients for the purpose of drug evaluations. She is also involved in the provision of business management for international subsidiaries as well as communications management and advocacy. Additionally, Dr. Bodini is active in consumer and private sector marketing and international trade.

Over the course of her incredibly impressive career, Dr. Bodini has been the recipient of numerous awards due to her professional proficiency. She received the Sandoz Award for Scientific Excellence from the Endocrine Society of Australia in 1989 and President’s Plenary Session Honors from the Endocrine Society of the United States in 1990. Dr. Bodini was also the winner of a Bristol Myers Squibb Award and a Bristol Myers Squibb Sales Award.

In addition to the considerable amount of expertise she has gathered through her vast professional experience, Dr. Bodini has an extensive academic background during which time she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Endocrinology and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical Science from Monash University. She also earned a Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Edith Cowan University, Graduate Diploma in International Business from the Australian School of Entrepreneurship, and a Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School.

Further demonstrating her remarkable reputation in the professional community, Dr. Bodini is a member of AusBiotech, Swinburne Leadership Institute, Monash University Alumni, and the Swinburne University of Technology Alumni. She is also an honoree of the Stanford Who's Who Black Book and part of the Medical Science Liaison Network. Always looking to give back to society, Dr. Bodini is actively involved in charitable and missionary work with the Caritas Mission, Wesley Mission, and the Salvation Army.

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