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Genius Inside Keeps Up Winning Streak, Records More Record-Breaking Sales

June 28, 2009 11:57 pm ET

Despite the economic downturn, Genius Inside, the creators of the award-winning Genius Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software, has set new sales records for May 2009. Roughly 60% of those sales represented licences and the remainder in Consulting Services and Maintenance contracts. These numbers reflect a continued and constant growth, not just between quarters of 2009 but also in year-over-year growth percentages. Genius has also hired new staff to help them manage this growth more efficiently ‒ quite a feat in this atmosphere of budget cuts and layoffs.

Some of the new licences (several hundred) were sold to existing European clients, such as Bunge who purchased the licences for a large scale project and Danone who purchased new licences for their PMO. Many of the new licences were sold to new clients from around the world, including Sika, Carl Zeiss IT Division, GBM Costa Rica and Clyde Bergemann USA. Strategically speaking, these new clients allow Genius Inside to strengthen their global presence, which helps broaden their knowledge and further improve their product.

Meanwhile even though their existing client, Remy Cointreau (France) is using the Domino platform of Genius Project, their US division has opted to use the SaaS version of the software. This is a wonderful example of the flexibility Genius Inside offers: true seamless enterprise integration across platforms.

A very good indicator of a company's success is customer retention, and "We are very proud to say that our statistics show that 90% of our clients stay with us year after year and we promise to work harder to grow that number as well," says Christophe Borlat General Manager.

About Genius Inside
Established in 1997, Genius Inside's mission is to make the lives of your project managers easier by improving project selection, planning, staffing, execution and tracking with our easy-to-use, powerful and intuitive project management enterprise solutions. The company began building solutions on IBM Lotus Notes and is now offering award winning solutions on-demand. With offices in Europe and North America, supported by a network of resellers worldwide, Genius Inside now has over 55,000 end users and over 475 customers across the globe

For more information and to take a product tour or schedule an online demo of Genius Project4Domino V6 and Genius Project V2, visit Genius Project for Domino and Genius Project for Web.

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