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Kevin Shaw – Meteorology – Stanford Who’s Who Certified

Kevin D. Shaw Earns Membership In The Stanford Who’s Who Network

GAITHERSBURG, MD,   October 24, 2012 /Stanford Who’s Who/-- With over four decades of experience as an amateur weather observer, climate researcher, reporter and networker, Kevin D. Shaw has consistently demonstrated the passion, vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be mentioned among the elite. As a result of his brilliant body of work, Mr. Shaw has earned recognition in the prestigious ranks of premier professionals with Stanford Who’s Who.

Having been involved with the Atlantic Coast Observer Network (ACON) for the past 28 years on a volunteer basis, Kevin currently serves as a Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC Coordinator for ACON, where he is responsible for the coordination of about 40 weather observers into a group that produces a monthly report based on their observations of the region’s climate, temperature, precipitation, and numerous other meteorological variables. He plays an instrumental role in arranging meetings through which the members of his team share pertinent information on weather related activities.

Mr. Shaw’s involvement with ACON commenced in 1985 and is based on his passion for following the weather. He is also a member with the Washington DC Chapter of the American Meteorology Society, where he is currently coordinating chapter activities for the Science Fair and judging participation during the school year.

In addition to his volunteer effort with ACON, Mr. Shaw has been a Nautical Cartographer with the United States Department of Commerce since 1974. He also served as Chief Observer for the Gaithersburg, Maryland Weather Observing for over 33 years.

Although he has obtained a considerable amount of his expertise through his personal research and professional experience, Kevin also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Wisconsin in June, 1972, a cornerstone of his nautical cartography career.

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