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January 4, 2012 11:30 am ET

( Jan 4, 2012) - Working towards more energy efficient lighting is a great New Year's Resolution, and has a special offer that proves energy efficiency can be easy as changing a light bulb!

For the month of January, spend $350 or more on contemporary lighting from Lightology and receive a FREE Toshiba A19 LED replacement bulb.
A $39 retail value, the Toshiba LED bulb is a replacement for a 40-watt incandescent source but uses only 8.4 watts, lasts 25,000 hours and uses 75% less energy! It is also dimmable, reducing the environmental impact even further if you add an energy saving light control.

Toshiba ensures quality by putting every bulb through rigorous testing standards and has received a Lighting Facts Label. The label, certified by the Department of Energy, authenticates the bulbs color temperature and the excellent lumen output.

Color temperature, measured in Kelvin, measures the color of light. 'Cool' colors have higher Kelvin temperatures between 3600-5500K. 'Warm' colors, like those found in incandescent and halogen light sources, measure between 2700-3500K. The Toshiba LED Bulb has a color temperature of 2700K, the same as a standard incandescent bulb.

To understand Lumen Output, it is important to understand Lumens, Watts and Lumens per Watt:

  • Lumens measures light output. The higher the number, the more light is emitted.
  • Watts is only a measurement of the energy required to light the product. The lower the wattage, the less energy used.
  • Lumens per Watt is a way to measure efficiency, similar to the Miles Per Gallon in a car. The higher this number is, the more efficient your product is.

Lightology’s Toshiba LED Bulb offers:

  • 450 lumens
  • 8.4 Watts
  • 53.6 Lumens/watt

A standard, 40 watt incandescent offers:

  • 460 Lumens
  • 40 Watts
  • 12 Lumens/watt

The numbers prove the Toshiba LED Bulb matches the standards of its predecessor by maintaining Lumen Output while also providing top-notch efficiency (Lumens/watt) that saves the environment as much as it saves money.

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