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Mara Caballero – Trade Industry | Import | Export – Texas State Business Network

Mara Caballero Earns Membership With Texas State Business Network

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS October 8, 2013 /State Business Network/ -- Texas is home to many multi-cultural business professionals, but few can compare their success to that of Mara Caballero. Mara is one of the state’s most esteemed import and export business leaders whose strong relationships with companies both within the U.S. and in Latin America have made him one of international trade’s most recognized figures.

In honor of his many accomplishments in the fields of import/export and transportation, Texas State Business Network is delighted to welcome Mara Caballero as a new member and provide him with a position of prominence among the country’s foremost business leaders.

Mara Caballero is the Owner and Managing Director of Despachos Aduanales De America Transmigrantes Aguila LLC, a full service facility for importers and exporters utilizing trucking.  In addition to ample parking, ramps, and forklifts for unloading and transferring goods, the company also possesses luxurious accommodations for transportation professionals.  This includes first class bedrooms, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, Cable, laundry and ATMs.

For more than eight years, Despachos Aduanales De America Transmigrantes Aguila LLC has been providing truckers and traveling business professionals with premier personal and administrative services including document management. As Managing Director, Mara has helped manage his company into one of the most important entities for truckers entering the U.S. from Mexico and Central American countries.  He has spearheaded a number of business initiatives including marketing, business development, and talent acquisition. Mara’s ability to recognize growth opportunities and exploit them for optimal benefits has made him a model for the rest of the field.

Mara Caballero received his degree in International Commerce from Tecnologico de Monterrey. He is also the recipient of the Better Business Bureau Gold Star Certificate 2013.

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