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Press Release Distribution

Distribute your news to the people, industry, countries and connect with opinion leaders and influencers. IBWire's unique network make it easy for you to deliver your news to your targeted audience.

No matter where you target, IBWire help your story to creat the greatest possible impact delivering news to right media and right audience at the right time.


Distributing your news to key U.S news media, wire serivces, thousands of Web sites, investors, researchers, popular industry circuits, portals, and syndicators reaching all 50 states. Also you can choose distribution by US regions, states, and metro/city. Press releases are distributed real-time, full text feeds via Internet FTP and contetn sydicates.


With global delivery option, take your message global. Comprehensive distribution to general media and audience in U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. IBWire's unparelleled international media distribution network penetrate global and local market and we deliver your message directly- literally- to a variety of websites, news agencies, social media, portals worldwide. You can also customize your country list with IBWire's custome package service. Translation into local languages is included.

Top Market

Delivering your news to the leading markets according to your choice of health, faith, entertainment, technology, and financial service. Your press release are sent to specific vertical niches through medial affiliates and partners. Not only it reaches exclusive trade media Includes reaches to industry analysts and reporters, news sites, social media audience across the country in their respective industries.

Feature News

Send your special interest and seasonal news to feautres editors at newspapers and magazines directly and have direct connection with the targeted audience.

Social Media

With social media press release, let readers share your news release on social networking sites like facebook, twitter,, Digg, and Reddit, etc and get more visibility in the cyber sea.

Trade Show

Distributing important events, trade shows, and conferences news with IBWire trade show distribution network and increase the visibility of your event and shows. Our comprehensive trade show and conference press release distribution provides all-in-one information guide to exhibitors.

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Exclusive Benefits
  • Placement on Top online Newspaper
  • Specific industry/region targeted distribution
  • Powerful distribution to media around the world
  • SEO friendly Press Release features
  • Press release drafting & editing service available

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