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Nancy Hawkins Recognized For Her Achievements As A Published Author

MELBOURNE, August 27, 2013 /Stanford Who’s Who/-- Stanford Who’s Who proudly announces the addition of Nancy Hawkins to the distinguished ranks of professional individuals as a result of her work in promoting appropriate channels for younger generations to become involved in the Christian community.

A Published Author, demonstrating dedication and vision throughout her career, Nancy Hawkins has written two books in which she offers commentary and opinion about the social responsibility of the church. Nancy reveals her frustration at the lack of movement from church leaders to involve the young generation. Her most appreciated work is Dreams of a World in Harmony.

Nancy states, “I began to write because we had a prospective son-in-law who was an atheist. As I sit by my window, looking at our small, beautiful garden, I wonder why I ever started to write a book about God in this secular age. Was it madness? Time will tell.”

She further writes,

“It all began with an earlier book, O My God! Where Are You, (the second edition is called Dear Theophilus). Originally written for an atheist son-in-law, Frank, who asked quite sincerely one day, after ‘dutifully’ attending a church service with the family, ‘Nancy, do you really believe in all this?’ Later he picked up a Bible only to groan in despair, ‘Where do you begin with all this stuff?’

Dear Theophilus and Opening Doors to a New World attempt to look for answers for those who are searching to find a faith in Christianity. Opening Doors to a New World has since taken another path. Frank is sadly no longer a part of our family life, but it was he who motivated the writing.

For some reason he asked to be baptized in the sea, on a very cold wintry day—22nd September 1996. He said he didn’t feel the cold, as we pulled up trousers and robes to douse him in the freezing waves. It was a moving moment. Something happened to Frank because, with a firm faith in God, he now writes gospel songs and sings with his guitar in pubs for anyone who will listen.

Opening Doors to a New World is a prayer—a plea—to Christian leaders to move out of church, to become involved with a younger generation in the community ‘marketplace’, and to reach out to members of other faiths, agnostics and atheists. If any one of the fifteen dreams in the book help another to find their spiritual home, then the book has begun to fill a cherished hope.

Although the voices of young people have barely been seen or heard of in the traditional church for years, there is an exciting groundswell of young believers who, like tiny pockets of seedlings, are growing to bring the love of God home again, in a way to which they can relate.

Finding a faith is the best possible door to open to a life of hope. It is like a secret garden with only a small door in a high granite wall, surrounding a beautiful garden.  You can’t see the garden from the outside, but going through the door is to find a new world, full of warmth and beauty like no other, a treasure we don’t begin to understand. The Gardener is ever willing to open the door for anyone who asks to come in. That is all it takes to find the Great Gardener of the Universe.

Inside the wall is a garden seat for two, for you and the Gardener to sit together and talk—sharing joys and giving away anxieties, anytime of the day or night.

Opening Doors to a New World is written for those who are looking for valuable meaning in this mad world, and for church leaders, youth leaders and lay Christians in the hope that they will visit their secret garden through some of the dreams—music, singing, listening, learning and asking questions.

Opening Doors to a New World is not only a journey through the beautiful writing of St. Luke’s Book of Acts, it is also a book for those who are truly concerned about  a spiritually starved young generation, and the average age of people in the majority of congregations in the Christian church.”

The second editions, entitled Dear Theophilus and Opening Doors….to a New World, of Nancy’s two books, will be released by the publisher in November, 2013. Currently being edited, they are modern versions, with commentary and study questions, on St Luke’s two great books.

Before becoming an author Nancy served in the healthcare field and was a Founding Member of the Peninsula Palliative Care Service in Victoria, Australia for which she received the Victorian Centenary Medal.

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