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Tally Teague, Synthetic Oils Expert – Missouri State Business Network

Tally Teague Is Honored For Achievements At Missouri State Business Network

BALLWIN, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2013 /State Business Network/ -- Tally Teague has been selected to join the exclusive ranks of Missouri State Business Network as a result of her exceptional performance in the field of entrepreneurship. In her capacity as Owner of B&C Lubes and Greases, as well as throughout her entire career, Tally has routinely exhibited the passion, commitment, and skills necessary to be considered among the best.

Tally Teague is the owner and driving force at B&C Lubes and Greases, an Amsoil dealer and online store. She is a diligent, creative, and ambitious entrepreneur serving customers with the best products in the lubricant industry while maintaining the highest level of excellence in customer service. Tally currently employs her ability to determine precisely which oil to use for a specific vehicle to get higher up in the company and grow her business. Prior to her current entrepreneurial endeavors, she served as computer operator at Cobro Corp. Over the course of her challenging experience as a business owner Tally has produced an impressive record of success and achievements and distinguished herself as a towering figure of the Missouri entrepreneurial community.

B&C Lubes and Greases is an established lube dealer and Amsoil online store. Amsoil produces premier quality synthetic oils, greases, ATF, gear lubes, as well as oil and air filters. Considered as the first company to have developed synthetic oils almost 40 years ago, the Amsoil products are recognized as cost-effective and economical while providing the optimum protection available for fleet equipment or private vehicles. Headquartered in Ballwin, Missouri, B&C Lubes and Greases is a company inspired and driven by Tally Teague, who drives it into the 21st century as she upholds the Amsoil philosophy of providing cutting edge products for their customers.


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