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Tyrone Scott – Retail – State Business Network

Tyrone Scott is Engineering Success at Texas State Business Network

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS September 24, 2013 /State Business Network/ -- Tyrone Scott has demonstrated throughout his 16 year career in electrical engineering that he possesses the knowledge, skills and problem solving to provide a technical solution that meets or exceeds the needs of his clients.  He has capitalized on his incomparable intellect and client management skills to establish his own company, which has vaulted into the highest ranks of the simulations industry. Tyrone Scott’s outstanding accomplishments in this competitive and highly demanding field have made him a worthy member of the Texas State Business Network.

Tyrone Scott is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Simulation Information Technical Services, a San Antonio based company that specializes in providing reliable technical assistance to medical organizations, educational institutions and the military. The company’s simulation services help improve the readiness of medical, military and other types of professionals who require visual instruction to succeed at complex and demanding procedures.  Simulation Information Technical Services also prides itself on producing customized simulation solutions.

Throughout his career in the simulations industry Tyrone has acquired a keen understanding of the needs of military officers, students, and medical professionals.  He provides the most effective simulation technologies, computer applications and equipment available. Tyrone promises timely and cost effective service within 24 to 48 hours.  He has helped many of the most important organizations in the country, including the National Guard, produce realistic training simulations that foster unparalleled preparation for real combat or medical situations.

During his collegiate career Tyrone Scott obtained his Associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the ITT Technical Institute.  He also possesses certification as an Emergency Medical Technician.

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